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To convert calories to Weight Watchers points, add up all of the calories from the foods you have eaten and divide them by 50. This is because each 50 calories is equivalent to one point. The same method is carried out to covert fat and fiber calories into points with the exception that the total fat grams are divided by 12 and total fiber grams are divided by 5. You then add the calorie and fat points together and subtract the fiber points.
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Things You'll Need. Calculator. Instructions. Determine the nutritional content - specifically, calories, fat, and fiber - of a given item of food. This information can be gleaned
Approximately 60 calories to a point - dependant on fat/fiber amounts.
The points in Weight Watchers take into account fiber, fat and
I'm not on Weight Watchers and I don't want to have to look up everything I eat and how many points they are. I would rather count calories but I did this little survey thing ...show
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How to Convert Calories to Weight Watchers Points
Weight Watchers is a weight loss program with a presence in all fifty states. Men and women enrolled in the program learn to moderate their food consumption, make better nutritional choices and keep track of and improve their daily exercise habits in an... More »
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