Welcome Home Signs?


You can make welcome home signs to hold if you are meeting the person at an airport or other location. You can hang welcome home signs like a banner at the person's house. You can use posterboard to make the signs.
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1. Lay the paper out on a flat surface where there is plenty of room to work, and spread out the various decorating supplies. In order to make signs larger, simply align and tape
1 Decide where you are going to have the party. It might be at your house or a family members depending on who the party is for. Ad 2 Send invitations to those who are friends or
Pineapple is the universal sign for "Welcome"
Really, the only thing that bothers me about that sign is that break in the green line (why is it there?!). Now, I'm no official spokesperson for "LBGT people" or nothing,
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How to Make Welcome Home Signs
No matter how hard you try to make a foreign place feel like home, you always fall short. That's why finally getting to return home is such a wonderful feeling and a joyous occasion worth celebrating. Make your returning loved one feel very welcome by... More »
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