What is the phone number for human resources at Wells Fargo?


As of 2014,the phone number for human resources at Wells Fargo is 1-877-HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557). For callers outside the U.S., the phone number is 1-866-954-4772. Employees can also use the Teamworks at Home website at Teamworks.WellsFargo.com to access information from Wells Fargo human resources online.

Employees of Wells Fargo have a variety of options when calling the company’s human resources department. Select option 1 for information about 401(k) plans and retirement. Use option 2 to speak with an HR representative regarding pay, benefits, online tools, leave of absence or work-related injuries or accommodations. Select option 3 for consultation about corrective action and workplace conflict or other HR policies. Option 4 provides access to an Employee Assistance Consultant, a confidential resource for assistance with personal, family and workplace concerns. Select option 5 for verification of employment, income and benefits. Option 7 deals with annual benefits enrollment.

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There is no actual number for human resources at Wells
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