Were the Hager Twins Married?


The Hager twins were married. Jim Hager was married to Betty Hager Rivera. Jo Hager was married to Catherine Akersloot Hager Hayward.
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The Hager Twins (Jim Hager and Jon Hager) were born on August 30, 1941.
Caroline & Christina Alessi were identical twins who worked with Paul Robinson in 'Neighbours' Christina married him. Played by Gillian & Gayle Blakeney. report this answer.
The first, which seems more plausible but which isn't, I imagine, what you're looking for is that they were both twins, but not one another's twin. The convoluted explanation would
It's not really a thought experiment. Twins have identical DNA (as far as these tests would be concerned) No paternity test would be able to figure out who's child is who's. The same
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