Does Western Union Quick Collect have tracking?


People will use Western Union for a variety of reasons, but making sure that money that is transferred gets to the destination that it's supposed to is also very important. Often times people will want to track the money that has been sent to see if the check has been either cashed or if a money transfer has been completed. In order to quickly track a transaction, a person must make sure that they have a money transfer control number if tracking a transfer. A person will also need to make sure that they have the name of the person to whom the transfer has been addressed to. If money was sent for a bill payment, a person will need to have the same information, but instead of a name, will need a businesses phone number.
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1. Collect the information that you need to accept the Quick Collect, including your account number and a reference number. Both of these are available by the agent handling your
Western Union Financial Services Inc lists their mailing address as
Western Union Money Transfer Control Numbers (MTCN # are 100 numbers long.
Western Union Payments, formerly known as. Quick Collect. lets you send payments to more than 15,000 billers, including auto, mortgage, utilities, government, credit card, telecom
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