How do you maintain wet and wavy micros?


Keeping micro braids clean is important for proper maintenance, and the braids can be washed without falling out if done correctly. These braids can be curled and straightened like usual if human hair is used and can be worn safely for two to three months. The braids around the hairline should be redone every three to four weeks.

To prevent the braids from falling out during washing, braid them into sections. Shampoo the scalp, massaging the shampoo into and around the braids. To avoid frizz, don't rub too hard when washing the scalp. Deep conditioning should be done in sections and can be applied directly to the hair and then covered with a plastic cap. Warm water should be used throughout the process, and the braids should not be rubbed.

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1. Spray the micro braids with plain water and apply leave-in conditioner. Scrunch the hair by grabbing sections of it and squeezing your hand into a fist around it. This will refresh
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