How to Maintain a Wet & Wavy Weave?


A wet and wavy weave is 100 percent human hair. To maintain a wet and wavy weave you should shampoo in lukewarm water it every two weeks. It needs to be conditioned. You use a brush out tangles before conditioning.
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1. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to style your wet and wavy weave. Start near your hair crown and use your fingers or comb to separate your wave strands. Move your fingers
when u buy wet and wavy weave, it looks like you have brushed out the curls. its actually really pretty and natural if u like that look, a lot of girls wear it like that. but if u
I tend to use water and gel preferably clear gel or mousse it will lay it down.
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Wet & Wavy Weave Styles
Wet & Wavy weave is popular because of its carefree look and ease of maintenance. This is a looser curl pattern that features high shine. The style comes in both synthetic and human hair versions. Ideal for the summer months, this style suggests a... More »
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