How do you remove the odor from a wet carpet?


Wet carpet odor can occur when you pour water or any liquid substance on the carpet. You can get rid of the odor depending on the nature of the carpet for example it can be glued or just the ordinary one that you can remove, wash and put back in the room. The first thing to do is to take the carpet out of the room and put it out to remove the water, next is to soak it using detergents then after that you can clean it and put it to dry and finally after drying you can vacuum it to completely get rid of the smell.
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1. Extract excess moisture from the carpet using a wet-and-dry vacuum. Vacuum the entire carpet to remove water. If the carpet still feels wet rather than damp, go over it again with
If you have any kind of smell that is a signal that there is bacteria growing. Your best bet is to get the area as dry as you can and keep it that way.
1 Spread towels over the area of wet carpet. You'll then need to walk up and down the toweled area until the towels are completely saturated. Take those towels away and replace them
The chemical that makes up white vinegar is called acetic acid, and dogs dislike the way it smells. They are likely to avoid areas sprayed or treated with it. For humans, however,
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