How can I become a wet nurse?


To be a wet nurse, you must be capable of breastfeeding the child for duration of time need it. They are medicine that can help increase or produce breast milk. However, most wet nurses are mothers with young children and can give milk to other children as well.
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1. Consider choosing a friend or family member who is already breastfeeding. Not only will this help keep the fees down, but your friend or family member can have a special bond with
It was exist in Shenzhen but I don't support it, because it is a crazy idea to show that breast feeding is a shameful thing to do. Breast feeding is good for infants, how come there
a wet nurse is some one who you hire to breastfeed your baby if u are wanting your baby to continue being breastfed but are unable to do it yourself.
VNS provides home nursing care to residents of New York. They accept various third party payers (insurance, Medicare, etc) and service all of the boroughs. They also provide allied
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