What Is the Climate of the Biome Wetlands?


The climate of the Biome wetlands can vary greatly depending on the exact location. Temperatures can range from -number up to over 100 degrees. The wetland Biome is home to fish, birds and other animals.
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The following are classified as freshwater biomes: large lakes, large river
A biome is a community of flora and fauna which has adapted to particular conditions; biomes are also known as ecosystems. The wetlands biome is a biome characterized by damp conditions
The three characteristics that make up a wetland are wetland hydrology, a preponderance of wetland plant species, and soils typical of a wetland. A wetland does not have to look like
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Wetland Biome Plants
Wetlands are shallow water regions such as marshes, swamps and bogs or land areas saturated with water. Hydrophytes (aquatic plants) grow in this aquatic biome---or habitat of particular plants. It holds a great variety of aquatic plants, from flowering... More »
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