What 2 Colors Make Brown?


Brown colour can be created by mixing red with green since green is a secondary colour containing blue and yellow. However, browns contain all three of the primary colours so different shades of brown are created by mixing red, yellow and blue.
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red and green,equal proportions of each!
1. Complement dark brown furniture with pieces in lighter tones. To keep the look cohesive, consider using pieces with accents that mimic the tone of the brown piece. For example,
Officially, they're seal brown, burnt orange, white and gray (for the facemask. The Pantone colors are 412 C (seal brown) 158 C (orange) 423 C (gray) white.
1. Open Microsoft Word 2007. A blank workspace appears. 2. Click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen. Click the "Table" button directly below the tab. Drag
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Brown can be made by mixing a primary color and its compliment or by mixing all three primary colors together.
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The color brown contains all three primary colors. In order to produce the color brown, mix red yellow and blue together. ...
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