What actor plays Jack in the "Jack in the Box" commercials?


The actor who provides the voice for Jack Box in the Jack in the Box commercials is Dick Sittig. The commercials feature the round-headed Jack Box, complete with yellow cap and business suit, as the putative CEO and spokesman for the Jack in the Box restaurant chain.

Dick Sittig proposed the Jack Box advertising campaign when he was the executive director of the Chiat/Day ad agency. He prefers to be secretive about his relationship with Jack Box, coyly admitting in a 2007 interview, "I can’t really say if I'm the voice or not, but I've been told that it sounds like me."

Jack Tate is one of several actors who have worn Jack Box's head and suit in the commercials. This Los Angeles-based puppeteer was involved with the Jim Henson series "Dinosaurs" and worked on several films as a location manager.

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