What Affects the Pitch of Sound?


Some things that affect the pitch of sound include loudness, amplitude, the frequency and the length and width of the sound source. Pitch is suitably expressed in cents and the standard number for the human ear is 5 cents.
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I think it might be frequency. Not exactly sure. :
Zakk Wylde uses pedals to enhance, not alter guitar tone. The total output level of the guitar sound is determined by the amplifier. There are no effects that can make your guitar
Just so, two things come to my mind: a) the "singing" of the rails coming from the rolling of steel wheels on steel rails. b) the electronic noise coming from the traction
The pitch is changed by altering the frequency, for instance on a string you can
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Some things that affect the pitch of sound are the amplitude, the frequency, the loudness and the length and width of the vessel that is producing the sound.
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