What are the ages of the Jonas brothers?


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Nick Jonas is 22, Joe Jonas is 25, and Kevin Jonas is 26.
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== Nick Jonas is 16. == == Joe Jonas is 19. == == Kevin Jonas is 21. == == They have a younger brother called frankie jonas and he is 8. He is also known as bonas jonas! ==
Kevin Jonas will celebrate his 21 birthday on Nov. 5. Nick Jonas just
The Jonas Brothers band consist of 3 brothers: Kevin 21, Nick 16, and Joe Jonas, 19. They're popular!
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When the Jonas brothers formed a band in 2005, originally known as Sons of Jonas, Kevin was 17 years old, Joe was 15 years old and Nick was 12 years old.

Nick had been performing on Broadway at the age of 7. His early roles included Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol," young Jake in "Annie Get Your Gun," Chip in "Beauty and the Beast" and Gavroche in "Les Misérables." The brothers also appeared on several Disney Channel TV shows, including "Hannah Montana" and "Camp Rock," along with a series of their own entitled "JONAS."

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