At what age can a kitten be declawed?


Kitten declawing may be done at any age, but it is best done between 3 and 5 months or before the age of 2. Declawing while undergoing neutering reduces the risk of repeated anesthesia events and makes the surgery safer and less traumatic.

The front claws are removed by laser surgery performed by a qualified veterinarian. Cats predominantly use their back feet for escape or grooming and some for defense. Following surgery, the owner may line the litter box with shredded newspaper or clean, unpopped corn kernals to avoid sand entering into and contaminating the surgical area. The recovery period is usually within a week, especially in younger cats.

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Most vets will recommend any surgical procedures happen once a kitten reaches a minimum of 6 months old. It is simply a matter of the kitten being older, healthier, and better able
Kittens should not be declawed until they are 8 weeks or older.
People with health conditions that weaken their immune system, such as diabetes or AIDS, need their kittens declawed for their health. Their weakened immune systems make them susceptible
What a cruel thing to do ! Cat use their claws every day - in different ways ! It's the equivalent to you having the first joint of your fingers removed !
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