What Age Can You Give a Puppy a Bath?


Puppies shouldn't get their first bath until they are about five months old. This timeframe is recommended because puppies usually get their vaccines during this timeframe, and are prone to sickness as well, so giving them a bath before five months is not recommended.
2 Additional Answers
Though puppies get dirty at any age, it is not good to bathe them when they are too young. Puppies should bathe after 12 weeks of age. Before they are 12 weeks, use less water and clean it with a damp cloth and mild dog shampoo as the puppies' skin and hair is sensitive.
You should wait a month or two before you give a puppy a bath as before this time they will be too small to handle the water. When you do give them a bath make sure the water stays warm and that the dog doesn't drink the soapy water.
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