At what age do babies roll over?


Babies start rolling over after developing a strong upper body, good control of his head and neck and ability to coordinate arms and leg movements well. Generally, babies start by rolling from front to back because it requires less strength and coordination and it is usually at an early age of two to three months. Rolling from back to front occurs at a later age of five to six months because it is a more difficult milestone.
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1. Lay a blanket down on the floor and gently place your baby on his tummy. KidsHealth recommends parents practice tummy time when their baby is alert and wide awake. 2. Place a mirror
I am looking up online, but I just saw a video of my great niece managing to roll from tummy to back at 3 weeks! I think that is a bit over achieving.grin. So I am looking to see
Four Months is when the baby will start to roll over front to back. ChaCha
1. Put the baby down on his or her back. Ad. 2. Get on the side that you want the baby to roll toward. 3. Give the baby something worth rolling toward. Talk, coo, shake a rattle.
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