What Age Do You Worm Kittens?


Kittens are prone to worms even when living in very clean conditions. They are particularly prone to three kinds of worm, that is, tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. You can first deworm them at an age 2-3 weeks. Give them a dose again every two weeks until they are three months old and then need only one dose per month until they are six months old. Consult your veterinary on what medication to use and how to use it.
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1. Verify that the kitten requires worming for both roundworms and tapeworms. Drontal will kill both and is commonly used when both types of worms are present. This is a normal situation
Here is some scary information for you! Female cats can reach sexual maturity and become pregnant anywhere from 5 to 9 months of age (these are still kittens in my eyes!). Some cats
if the suggestion of vet is out of the question you should not have a cat, as you are not able to look after it, i.e it wont be able to get its vaccs and what happens when it starts
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Kittens that are 6 to 16 weeks of age should be wormed every three weeks. Those that are of 4 months and above should be wormed every 3 months. You can determine ...
Weaned kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. They should later be wormed every month until they attain an age of 6 months when they can ...
Weaned puppies or kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Then every month until 6 months of age when they can be treated as adults. ...
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