What Age Is Considered over the Hill?


Generally, the term 'over the hill' refers to having attained an age that is considered the mid-point of life. This is because life expectancy varies from country to country. For instance, life expectancy in the UK is about 80.1 years of age; therefore, a person 'over the hill' would be one that has attained an age of about 40 years.
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50 is usually the 'over the hill' age.
Various terms of art can be applied to that question. Technically there is no limit on the age of an intern. Generally they are college-age or the like, but there are some who are
Due to a development disability resulting in the lack of the ability to direct ones own care and make financial decisions.
The age of majority there is 21.
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Some people consider 40 years old over the hill, while others think 60 is over the hill. It's all down to the person who is on the hill, because if you feel young, there's still a long distance to the top of the hill.
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