At What Age Are You Considered a Senior Citizen?


In most cases, the age that a person is considered a senior citizen is 65. A senior citizen refers to an elderly person who has retired. In governmental contexts a senior citizen is a person who has reached an age at which pensions or medical benefits become available.
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In the United States, the standard retirement age is currently 65 (gradually
I'm thinking - it is when we accept the fact that we are. To begin with - I was insulted being called a senior citizen. I was still working at my job full time. I retired in 1996
Since there are no senior discounts at Disneyland, I'm guessing that there are no seniors there. I've never seen or heard of a senior discount in the parks. I have heard of a rarely-used
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Stereotypes of senior citizens often include false ideas due to age or aging. Senior citizens are thought to no longer enjoy an adventurous life exchanging that ...
A senior citizen is an elderly person; one who is past the age of retirement.This American phrase was coined in the 1930s as a euphemism for 'old person' and has ...
Some fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger Kings do offer a senior citizen discount. The age to get the discount is usually 55. It can vary however ...
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