At What Age Are You Considered a Senior Citizen?


In most cases, the age that a person is considered a senior citizen is 65. A senior citizen refers to an elderly person who has retired. In governmental contexts a senior citizen is a person who has reached an age at which pensions or medical benefits become available.
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Officially 65, because that is the age when you can begin collecting full benefits from Social Security in the U S. Some people begin drawing a fraction of their Social Security benefits
It depends on the program/benefit you are referring to. Some programs consider age
Depending on what stage you are in life will determine at what age you consider over the hill. As I teenager I believed 30 was over the hill, I now realize I was wrong in that thinking
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Stereotypes of senior citizens often include false ideas due to age or aging. Senior citizens are thought to no longer enjoy an adventurous life exchanging that ...
Some fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger Kings do offer a senior citizen discount. The age to get the discount is usually 55. It can vary however ...
Kohl offers a 15% discount on Wednesday for the senior citizen shoppers. The fifty percent discount on the items targets the seniors aged from 60 years and above ...
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