What airport is closest to Riverside, California?


Riverside Municipal Airport is the closest airport to Riverside, Calif. Located at 6951 Flight Road Riverside, Calif. 92504, the airport sits 4 miles southwest of downtown Riverside. Riverside Municipal Airport handles 110,000 flights annually through a tower-controlled field.

This airport has two asphalt runways, with the longest one stretching 5,400 feet in length, as well as a helipad.

Riverside Municipal Airport is equipped with landing and navigation systems for all weather conditions. The airport's air field is free of congestion and offers room for expansion. Inside the airport, travelers find full conference and catering facilities as well as pilot and aircraft services.

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North Carolina.
There is the City of Riverside, CA Municipal Airport located on 6951
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LAX is the closest International Airport used by the major airlines. Very close proximity to Whittier. 0 1 Comment Captain O answered 8 years ago Peedlepup's right about Long Beach
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