At What Altitude Do Most Jet Planes Fly?


The altitude that a plane will fly at depends on a number of factors such as weather and the length of the flight. The most common altitude that most planes fly at is 30,000 feet.
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Well, it depends which airplane we are talking about. General aviation airplanes like the Cessna 172 normally fly below 10,000 feet unless there is a supply of oxygen for all on board
Air is thinner at higher altitudes and creates less drag on the aircraft. Since the power required to overcome drag is a function of the velocity cubed, reducing drag is essential
Cruising altitude varies according to type of aircraft. For a
Planes have the ability to stay in the sky because of the great scientists that developed aerodynamics. Because the plane has two great big jet motors attached, the design of the
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A plane flies at an attitude of 172 at feet of 10,000. Altitude changes according the length of the feet and also depends on the type of the plane. ...
There is no certain cruising altitude for a commercial airline. it depends on where they are flying and how long they fly. most airlines fly above 10,000 ft. the ...
The DC-3 flown by Buffalo airways (Last regularly scheduled DC-3 service in the world) commonly flies at or below 3000 feet above sea level (ASL) The Airbus A340 ...
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