What Am I Riddles?


What am I riddle are brain teasers that improve memory and attention. The riddles basically have the sentence, 'What am I'. An example is 'I am a three digit number. My second digit is four times more than my third digit. My first digit is seven less than my second digit. What number am I?
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You can do, I have the word "fly" in my name, and I have big wings. Or, "I am a bug. I have big wings and hate frogs. Who am i? ~Twicky098.
If you say my name, I'll no longer exist. What am I? The answer is
I am probably all wrong, but is it an egg?
You are the number '1' in an eight digit number like a phone number!!!.
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Who am I riddle is a way of asking a riddle and the way to answer it, like I have an eye but cannot see, and i am stronger and faster than any men alive but have no limbs. Who am I? A hurricane.
What am I riddles are the type of riddles that end with the question or rather ask the question “What am I?”; you can find them at increasebrainpower.com, riddles.com, and at riddles.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">playriddles.com.
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