How Long Is a Jiffy?


Jiffy is a term for any indefinite short period of time. The term which is an informal term has acquired a number of more precise applications for short, very short or tremendously short periods of time.
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A jiffy refers to a very short time, as in the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat. The jiffy is 0.5 nanosecond or 5 x 10 ^-10 second.
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In time, a jiffy is the shortest theoretical period. It is generally considered to be one hundredth of a second or the length of time taken by light to cover one ...
The term 'jiffy' is actually pretty vague and has no set time assigned to it. Everyone has a personal definition for the word 'jiffy,' but it typically means the ...
Jiffy is unit of time used in computer engineering. It refers to the length of one cycle, or tick, of the computer's system clock. It is also used to refer to ...
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