What animal has the closest DNA to humans?


In sequencing the genome of the chimpanzee, scientists discovered that the great ape's DNA is 96 percent similar to that of human beings. This prompted many in the scientific community to contend that human beings are truly apes themselves.

While mapping the above-mentioned chimp genome, researchers learned that the number of genetic differences between chimps and humans is 10 times smaller than that between rats and mice.

In the course of their work, researchers also learned that various classes of human and chimp genes, including those related to the transmission of nerve signals and the perception of sound, are changing at a remarkably rapid rate.

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Gorillas are because they are 99.9% human. Actually Gorillas are 98.6% because if they are 99.9% they will be MORE closer to Human personalities.
The closest living relatives of humans are gorillas and chimpanzees.
While I can't provide a single anecdote or piece of data here, I can certainly speculate on the extent to which we communicate with animals all the time. Simply by observing domestic
The chimpanzee and bonobo are both about equally related to humans, with about 98.6% of their DNA identical to ours. Source(s) former ape keeper, anthropology minor and two biology
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Genetics is the branch of biology that studies heredity in humans and animals. This is a scientific way proving relatives by DNA testing. ...
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