What Animal Has the Longest Gestation Period?


The animal that has the longest gestation period in the world is the African elephant which is also referred to as the Loxodonta Africana. The gestation lasts for about 660 days on average and 760 days on maximum.
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Gestation refers to the period spent in utero, so anything that is not a mammal does not undergo gestation. I don't know what the answers concerning non-mammals below refer, possibly
The longest gestation period for a mammal is that of the African elephant
The longest gestation period for a mammal is that of the African elephant with an average of 660 days, and a maximum of 760 days.
Le elephante like most of my amigos said. : Source(s) Bad at spanish/french. fyi. :
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Alpine salamanders have the longest gestational periods on average. Pregnancy lasts two to four years, depending on altitude.
The alpine black salamander small as it is, has the longest gestation period. This viviparous amphibian lives in the high altitude Swiss Alps and at such altitudes above 4,600 feet, the gestation period can go up to 38 months bearing two fully metamorphosed young ones.
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