What animal has the strongest bite?


The animal that has the strongest bite in the world is the white shark. It is said to have the most powerful bite for both living and extinct species of animals. For more information about the shark, please visit the online site called discovermagazine.
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The jaguar has the strongest bite of all felids, capable of biting down with 2,000 pounds-force (8,900 N) This is twice the strength of a lion and the second strongest of all mammals
The crocodile's bite force is more than 5,000 pounds per
Wrong question - a dinosaur is a type of animal.
I would say that the strongest, but the smallest animal is an ant. It can lift 5 times it's own body weight.
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I think I saw a show on this on cable. But the alligator has the strongest bite, but for a smaller animal the Tasmanian devil has the strongest bite.
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