What Animal Has Three Hearts?


The octopus has one of the most developed circulatory systems of animals outside the vertebrates. The octopus has three hearts. It uses two of the three hearts to pump blood through the gills. The oxygenated blood from the gills then goes back to the third heart to be pumped through the rest of the body.
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The animal that has three hearts is the octopus. Two of the hearts pump blood through the gills, the third is responsible fro pumping blood through the body.
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What animal has three hearts?
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The octopus is an animal that has 3 functioning hearts. One of these hearts is responsible for pumping blood through the body, while they other two work by pumping blood through the gills.
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The octopus has three hearts to perform different functions. Two of the hearts are used to pump blood through the gills while the other heart pumps the oxygenated ...
All animals have hearts; the only difference is that their hearts are different in structures. For instance, the mammalian heart is four chambered, the reptile ...
All mammals and birds have a four chambered heart. This means the heart has 2 atria and 2 ventricles. ...
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