What Animal Lives in a Lair?


A lair is a resting place or a den of a wild animal. Animals that live in lair include tiger, cougar, wolf, wolverine, fox and some snakes among others. Lair can also be used to generally refer to shelters built by animals.
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A quahog clam found in the waters off of Iceland is unofficially the longest living animal. Its growth rings reportedly added up to an astounding 410 years. There have been other
HEDGEhogs. Duh? other animals like a bird or a cat live in hedges.
snakes,aligators,bugs,fish,turtles,birds,deer,bats,wild dogs,racoons and opssoms.
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A lair is a term used to refer to where animals live. The different types of lairs include ant colonies for ants, beehives for bees, bird nests for birds and dens for lions. There are many more terms used to refer to where animals live and you can visit the online site called wikipedia for more information on this.
Actually I have found a few animals that live in a lair. Although most do not, I have found that a cat and a fox can live in a lair. I have also found that a tiger and wolves will live in a lair.
Some animals that live in a lair include the fox and the cougar and the badger and the wolverine. Dragons, in mythical writings, usually lived in lairs as well.
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