What are the names of some animals that start with the letter "U"?


There are many animals that have the first letter of their names beginning with the letter U. Some of these animals include the Uakari which is a South American donkey, ultrasaurus, uribu and a mythical creature called the unicorn.
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· Uakari. · Ulysses Butterfly. · Umbrellabird.
Uakari - a monkey from South America; Uganda kob - a type of antelope found
Uakari. a monkey from South America. Uganda kob. a type of antelope found in Africa. Uguisu. an olive plumed bush warbler. Uhler's Sundragon. Uinta Chipmunk. Uinta ground squirrel
An urchin crab is a small crab with a typical brown and
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Animals that begin with the letter U include urchin and umbrella bird.
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