What are asexual animals?


Animals that are asexual are aphids, jellyfish, some bees, yeast, fish and sharks. Asexual reproduction is described as the way that organisms form identical copies of themselves without genetic contributions from other organisms.
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jellyfish. some people.
There are many invertebrates, including sea stars and sea anemones for example,
In asexual reproduction, organisms give rise to identical offspring, containing all of the same genetic information as the parent. Flatworms are common organisms used in the science
NOT ants! they have queens & male slave workers. worms yes, i think jellies too. amobaes, virus, germs, bacteria, sea cucumbers. anenomes. i think starfish too. also there is
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Reproduction is most commonly known to happen between two parents. Asexual reproduction occurs when a new life can be formed off the cells of a single parent. Some animals that are asexual are jelly fish or even the Komodo Dragon.
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