What animals' names begin with "L"?


Many animals have names beginning with the letter L. Some of the best known are leopards, lions, lizards, llamas and ladybugs. There are approximately 8.5 million different animal species known in the world as of 2014. Each year, scientists add an average of 15,000 new species to the list of known animals and, at any given time, there are hundreds of as-yet-unnamed species waiting for classification.

Some of the other animals whose names begin with the letter L include lambs, larks, leaf-tailed geckos, leeches, lemmings, lemurs, leopard cast, leopard seas, leopard tortoises, ligers, lionfish, little penguins, Lipizzaner stallions, lobsters, locusts, loggerhead turtles, long-eared owls, longspurs, longhorns, long-tailed weasels, loons, lorikeets, lorises, lice, lovebirds, lung fish, lynx and lyrebirds.

In addition, there are several breeds of dog whose names also begin with the letter L. These dog breeds include Labrador retrievers and Löwchen.

There is incredible diversity among the types of animals on earth. The basic classification groups for these creatures are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and birds. The majority of known animals on the planet are land dwelling rather than ocean dwelling. This is noteworthy, because Earth's surface is made up mostly of ocean. Land makes up a mere 29 percent of the earth's surface, yet scientists have recorded up to 86 percent of the world's species as being land-dwellers, according to research cited in the "New York Times."

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Animals that begin with the letter L include lemming, leopard, lion, lizard, llama, lobster and lynx.
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