What Animals Eat Bees?


Bees are rarely predated because many predators avoid them because of their sting, in which the stinger is normally attached to a venom gland in the abdomen. However, Varrroa Mite, a tiny arachnid, is noted to be the worst predator of bees.
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bird eating insects.
Yellow spotted lizards are among the animals that will eat bees, wasps and hornets.
Skunks, frogs, spiders, cats, dogs, dragonflies and birds are just some of the animals on a long list of creatures that will dare to eat a bee or a wasp.
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Animals that eat bees include cats, frogs, dragonflies, birds, skunks, spiders and dogs. These animals are among the few that dare eat bees which have stingers that help them fight off animals that want to eat them.
Certain species of birds eat bees. There are several types of flowers that will also eat bees. A Venus Fly Trap will occasionally catch and eat a bee.
Wasps will occasionally kill and eat bees. Other animals that eat bees are bee eater birds, and yellow spotted lizards. Frogs and toads do not generally eat bees, but they catch an occasional bee in their food. You can find more information here: http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question100915.html
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Crab spiders will eat bees. These spiders hide around flowers and ambush the bee. Robber flies will also eat bumblebees. Badgers and skunks will break into the ...
Some of the animals that eat bees are: crab spiders, robber flies, and bee-eaters, spotted fly catchers, shrikes and tits. There are also wasps, called bee wolves ...
Wasps are one of the bee's worst natural enemies, and love to kill them off, but not necessarily eat them. Bee's can be eaten by birds also. ...
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