What Animals Eat Termites?


Termites are insects that are known for eating wood. Quite a number of other animals eat termites, such as insects and birds, and some in fact have evolved to only eat termites, such the Termite Eater.
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Anteaters can eat termites, but they really don't like the flavor of the bug. Anteaters can eat a termite because they're in the same phylum as an ant. Termites are different from
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What Animals Eat Termites?
Called little white ants, termites are destructive to wood dwellings because they dine on wood. Termites live in colonies and are socially organized, similar to ants. However, termites and ants are mortal enemies, often battling until the death. Termites... More »
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Many types of birds eat termites. Other animals that eat termites include those whose diet consists largely of ants, such as the anteater, aardvark, and Australian echidna. Small lizards, such as the gecko, skink, and some types of snakes, also eat termites. The animal that accounts for most eating of termites is the ant. Beetles, humpback flies, dragonflies, assassin bugs, praying mantises, and some types of spiders all eat termites as well.
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