What Animals Eat Turtles?


The major predator of turtles is human beings. There are many other animals that also feed on adult turtles, hatchlings and the eggs. These animals include fish such as bass and pike, grogs and snakes. The eggs are largely fed on by common molds and insects such as ants and maggots.
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Baby turtles are food for nearly every predator that can eat them- bass, large crawfish, skunks, raccoons, birds of prey, crows, dogs, cats, large frogs, bigger turtles, etc. As they
Any discussion of the earliest life stages of the green turtle must be put in the context of how little we know about them. Hatchlings retreat to the open ocean and remain there for
Fish such as bass and pike will eat a turtle hatchling, frogs and snakes will eat turtles as well.
Box Turtles Box turtles eat common people food like...fruit (Carrots,Apples,Cabbage,Salad) They also eat Flowers and Smashed up Dog
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Adult sea turtles are not eaten by many other animals. Tiger sharks and killer whales are their main predators. Turtle eggs are the main target to predators such as land mammals, snakes, and lizards. You can find more information here: http://www.seaworld.org/infobooks/seaturtle/stlongevity.html
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