What Animals Eat Worms?


There are many animals that eat worms. Most birds will eat worms, moles, shrews, and even mole rats will eat worms.
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Moles, birds, frogs.
One hundred thousand nematode roundworms are present in one cup of undisturbed native soil. They are an essential part of the biological life of the soil that is described as the
Sandcastle worms eat plankton. Their tentacles are used to collect sediments and plankton.
The great blue heron is a large water bird native to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. During the winter months, the great blue heron often migrates to parts of South
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What Animals Eat Worms?
That wriggly creature dangling from a bird’s beak or off the end of a fish hook is what most people would call a worm. Many other animals also bear that name -- a silkworm is the larva of a moth and a heartworm is a parasitic nematode -- even... More »
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