What Animals Eat Worms?


There are many animals that eat worms. Most birds will eat worms, moles, shrews, and even mole rats will eat worms.
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fish and birds.
Aquatic worms eat rotting vegetation and animal matter. Like earthworms, aquatic worms burrow through the soil as they search for food. Aquatic worms have a range of appearances including
shrews, birds, moles, and nakes mole rats.
Not technically an animal but we had an infestation of recluse spiders. I kept trying to figure out what they could be living on as they could just eat so much of their kin. Then
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What Animals Eat Worms?
That wriggly creature dangling from a bird’s beak or off the end of a fish hook is what most people would call a worm. Many other animals also bear that name -- a silkworm is the larva of a moth and a heartworm is a parasitic nematode -- even... More »
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