Animals That Live in China?


Some of the animals that come from China include giant pandas, golden monkey, the white-flag dolphin, Chinese alligator, and the red crowned crane. For a complete list check online at gowealthy.
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There is a wide variety of animals that live in China. The great panda is one of the most famous China residents. There are a wide variety of monkeys but not many bovines. Due to
the animal that lives in China's forest is the panda bear, who feeds off of bamboo.
Rainforests are rich in animal life. Rainforests are populated with: insects like butterflys and beetles, arachnids like spiders and ticks, worms, reptiles like snakes and lizards
Many kinds of animals live in the jungle. Elephants, Lions, tigers, monkeys, snakes, alligators, and birds are just a few of the animals that in habit jungles. You can find more information
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The animals that live in China are as many as most countries. China has bears, foxes, camels and cats and dogs. This country also is known to eat its livestock.
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China's great land mass harbors 10 percent of the world's species of animals, with over 100 wild animals that aren't found anywhere else. The white giant panda ...
The giant panda is one of China's native animals. Other animals native to China are white-flag dolphins and red-crowned cranes. ...
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