What Animals Live in Cuba?


Cuba is home for many animals which are the Cuban crocodile, the Cuban hutia which is a mammal, the bulldog bat, variety of hawks, kites, frogs like the Cuban tree frog and many more others.
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The national animal for Cuba is the Tocororo bird.
Grebe. Related to the duck, this bird can often be seen diving near kelp forests for small fish. Though similar to their duck relatives, grebes have longer, more slender beaks. Their
Some leading candidates are: Bowhead Whales, Tortoises, Koi Fish, Macaws, and Tuataras. (a reptile that lives in New Zealand and looks sort of like a lizard.). There is a list of
turtle,snail, etc.
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Cuba is home to thousands of animals much like the rest of the world. There are a few specific animals known only to this region such as the Cuban Finch, the Hutia and the Bulldog Bat.
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