What Animals Live in Cuba?


Cuba is home for many animals which are the Cuban crocodile, the Cuban hutia which is a mammal, the bulldog bat, variety of hawks, kites, frogs like the Cuban tree frog and many more others.
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Growing up in Cuba in the 90s was (I found out later) like growing anywhere in the Western world in the 80s or 70s. As kids, we played outside all the time, with other kids from our
The national animal for Cuba is the Tocororo bird. ^ The Cuban Crocodile is the national animal of Cuba.
Many types of reptiles enjoy the hot weather, vegetation and abundance of small rodents in the African grasslands, and they have become well adapted to the conditions. Monitor lizards
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Cuba is home to thousands of animals much like the rest of the world. There are a few specific animals known only to this region such as the Cuban Finch, the Hutia and the Bulldog Bat.
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