What Animals Live in the Abyssal Zone?


The abyssal zone is a zone 4,000-6,000 meters down in the ocean water. Animals that live in the abyssal zone include the giant squid, black swallower, deep-sea anglerfish, and tripod fish.
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Animals that live in the abyssal zone are fish just like in the rest of the ocean. But, these fish are unique. Fish like the deep sea angler and Dragonfish are some of the biggest
The bathyal, or bethypelagic, zone is the area of the ocean between 3,300 and 13,000 feet deep. Above it lies the mesopelagic zone, while below is the abyssal or abyssopelagic zone.
Hello, creators such as plankton, eels, squid, angelfish, and anglerfish are in the twilight zone!
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