What Animals Live in the Nile River?


There are quite a number of animals that live in or around the environs of the Nile River. Most of the animals that live in the river are reptiles. Some of the animals include frogs, fish, snakes, crocodiles, hippos and water birds like herons and cranes.
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The River Nile and the area along the river provides home to many animals. Among the animals in the Nile are various species of animals, birds and fish.
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A lot of animals live near the Nile River and some of the most common are the Nile crocodiles, which is the largest crocodile in Africa, hippopotamus, snakes, ...
There are numerous animals that live in the Nile River. Most of these animals are reptiles with the most common being the Nile crocodile which is the largest in ...
There are all animals today near the river Nile. The animals that live by the. Nile river. are crocodiles , rhinos, birds, turtles, lizards, 15 species of fish ...
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