What animals live in the Nile River?


There are quite a number of animals that live in or around the environs of the Nile River. Most of the animals that live in the river are reptiles. Some of the animals include frogs, fish, snakes, crocodiles, hippos and water birds like herons and cranes.
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fish and some times sharks crocodiles catfish plants and animals and there is people that live around the Nile river to
Actually no, there are no alligators in the nile, but there are crocodiles. There are a huge number of animals living there (The BBC did a whole wildlife series on this river) Nile
Giraffes, Lions, Cheetahs and Hippos all live near the Nile!
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The River Nile and the area along the river provides home to many animals. Among the animals in the Nile are various species of animals, birds and fish.
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