Animals That Reproduce Asexually?


Animals that reproduce asexually include jellyfish, some bees, yeast, aphids, fish and sharks. Asexual reproduction is defined as the means through which organisms form identical copies of themselves without genetic contributions from other organisms.
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There are many types of animals that reproduce asexually. Two examples are aphids, which are plant eating insects, and a type of African honey bee have the ability to produce asexually. With the absence of a male, some sharks and turkeys can produce their own young.
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Some types of amphibians, lizards, and birds reproduce asexually. These animals lay eggs that do not need to be fertilized. Some insects also reproduce asexually.
when it has only one gender it produce itself.
Worms, some fish, jellyfishes and many echinoderms, parasites: tapeworms, are all
Many ways. A queen bee can produce drones by laying unfertilized eggs. The drones are haploids,and they only have half of the chromosomes of their mother. Some animals undergo parthenogenesis
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