What Animals Start with the Letter a?


There are many animals whose name begin with the letter a. Some of these animals include apes, ants, anteaters, alligators, aardvarks, antelopes and armadillos. To find out other names of animals beginning with other letters, please visit the online site called first-school.
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Answer snake salmon sloth salamander snail skunk swan sea lion sheep star fish shark slug seahorse sloth bear Squirrel Sea urchin Sokeye salmon Seal Skink Sidewinder Stink Bug Spider
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Ponies, Piglets, Pup, Pupa, Peep, Pupae, and Pinkie.
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Animals that begin with the letter A include antelope, alligator, ant, ape, aardvark, albatross, armadillo and avocet.
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