What animals use echolocation?


Echolocation is the use of biological sonar to locate the range of object and ability to identify the object. Animals that have this type of ability are whales, dolphins, shrews and bats.
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bats. whales. dolphins. nessy (if he exists.
It doesn't answer the question in a generic way, but oh well, I needed to. One specific animal that does it:
transportation (horses, oxen, donkeys, mules) pets (dogs, cats, etc. expirimentation (rabbits, rodents, etc) wildlife (whatever you can think of!
Animal claws are used for protection. They fight other animals with them and they can catch their pray with their claws by digging them into the other animals body.
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Bats are animals that use echolocation. They make a high pitched sound that bounces off of objects and allows bats to know their locations.
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