What are acrostic poems?


An acrostic poem is a type of poem that uses a word as a subject with each line starting with a letter of the word. For instance, the word "cat" could be used as a subject for an acrostic poem. The poem could be something like cool as a cucumber, agile as could be and tiny whiskers.

Acrostic poems are arranged vertically, and the lines of the poem do not have to rhyme. The lines used should have something to do with the subject word to be a true acrostic poem. For instance, if someone was to write an acrostic poem with a person's name as the subject, they should use lines that make them think of the person. A great way to think of lines is to brainstorm ideas and use a thesaurus to find synonyms of the words that start with the letter needed.

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Sometimes the snow falls out of the sky. Nobody knows just when or why. Once, when friends were stopping by. We made a snowman, ten feet high. Maybe he'll melt. And maybe he'll fly.
An acrostic is a poem in which letters in the first lines form a name or a motto when read in a sequence manner. Are you planning on writing some anytime soon? It's definitely a test
an example of an acrostic poem could be your name. like sam. s. porty. a. rtistic. m. agnificent.
Manly. Useful. Strong. 'Cepts. Lifters. Energized.
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An acrostic poem is a cryptographic form in which the initial letter of each line spells out a word, often the subject of the poem or the name of the person to whom the poem is dedicated.
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An example of an acrostic poem about respect is Respect by Steven Beesley. It is an acrostic poem because the first character of each line can be combined to spell ...
Lucilla Carrillo created an acrostic poem with a Christmas theme. The poem honors Christ, his birth and his blessings; the poem is called "Christmas Day.& ...
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