What Are Amerindians?


The Amerindians are indigenous people who lived in North or South America before the Europeans arrived. They are considered forest people and the Amazon forest is currently home to the largest population of these people. They do survive by hunting and gathering food and their knowledge of medicinal plants used for treating illness is unmatched.
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of or pertaining to Amerindians.
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The Amerindians are the people that live in the rainforest. They usually live in tribes.
Native Americans (American Indians, Amerindians, or Red Indians) are indigenous peoples, who
amerindian: any member of the peoples living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived
(ăm'ə-rĭn'dē-ən) also Am·er·ind ( ăm'ə-rĭnd' ) n. An American Indian. See Usage Note at American Indian . [AMER(ICAN) + INDIAN.
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Amerindians normally lived in ethnic groups in the coastal regions and others live on the inland parts of the country. The coastal tribes are the Caribe, Arawak ...
The Amerindians live in Guyana and eat a large variety of different foods. Their food sources generally include fishing, hunting, and farming. The group fishes ...
Amerindian refers to any persons who used to live in North or South America before the Europeans arrived. These people used to live in tribal groups and they used ...
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