What Are Appendages?


Appendages are the extremities of an animal's body. They are generally designed to give an animal mobility, or to perform such tasks as walking, grasping objects, or climbing. Sometimes the branches of plants are called 'appendages', also.
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A part that is joined to something larger.
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An "appendage" is a structure attached to the body such as the upper and lower extremities. It is a part that is joined to something larger.
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a subordinate part attached to something; an auxiliary part; addition.
Anatomy, Zoology any member of the body diverging from the axial trunk.
Botany, Mycology any subsidiary part superadded to another part.
a person in a subordinate or dependent position, especially a servile or parasitic follower.
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Appendages are an additional part of something that exists or is added to. It is also something that can still function if the part has never existed or later grown.
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It is an external body part that protrudes from the body. Anything organ that is attached to the body such as arm, fin, tail, leg etc. ...
The appendages on the abdomen of a crayfish are called swimmerettes. The swimmerettes keep water moving through the crayfish and also hold eggs. ...
The crustaceans body have appendages just like any other animal belonging to Phylum Arthropoda. The number of segments ranges from 11-30 segments. It will now ...
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