What are artifacts?


An Artifact is something that is manmade or made or given shape by man. Artefacts are things like weapons, ornaments, pottery, tools or a work of art especially an object of archaeological interest found through excavation.
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The word artifact comes from two Latin words-one means "to make" and the other means "with skill." Historical museums display collections of artifacts in exhibits
Things that have been made by humans. The word is often used in connection with ancient objects.
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What is an Artifact?
Artifacts provide a record of people who did not leave written records. Artifacts from more recent cultures add context and evidence to enrich what we can learn from letters, books and other documents. Technically, anything made or used by humans is an... More »
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Artifacts can be objects usually of cultural or historical interest made by human beings. Also it can be something observed as an object being distinguished from another similar object that is naturally produced.
An artifact is an object that is produced or shaped by human craft, particularly a tool, weapon or an ornament of archaeological or historical interest. This term can also be used to refer to an inaccurate observation, effect or result.
An artefact is an object formed or shaped by man such as a tool or work of art. The term is mostly used in archaeology where people can create artefacts that may have a cultural meaning. Stone tools such as projectile points, pottery vessels, and metallic object such as guns are some good examples of articrafs.
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