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The Assumption of Mary in Catholicism refers to the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary to heaven at the end of her life, and a feast in celebration of this is celebrated each year on August 15.
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An assumption is a statement that a person assumes to be true, based on prior notions. In religion, it is when a person is taken into heaven.
If a mortgage does not have a clause that requires notice to the lender, called a due-on-sale clause, a buyer can assume a mortgage without asking lender permission. This type of
Its the reason why we are in debt and the reason there is so much crap in the world.
That there's an assumption in that question.
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The word assumption is synonymous with the word guess, but it carries different connotations. Using the word guess generally implies that a person is aware of a statement's uncertainty. Meanwhile, people make assumptions either consciously or unconsciously. For example, the sentence "Jared was late to work today, because he assumed there would be little traffic on his commute" implies that Jared made an oversight by not thinking about all the possible reasons for traffic. Meanwhile, the sentence "Jared was late to work today, because he guessed there would be little traffic on his commute" implies that Jared did think about the possibility of traffic.

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