What Are Attributes of a Person?


The attributes of a person refer to those qualities that a person possesses in terms of character. Some of these qualities include integrity, responsibility, courtesy and generosity. These attributes are also known as personality traits or social endowments.
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A person can have many good attributes such as, showing love and compassion toward others, being respectful, being honest and empathetic.
anal personality. self centered. pompous. arrogant. intolerant. ignorant. republican.
The single most important thing is that they're not full of shit.
I would have to know your personality better. Are you giving and helpful? You might be best working as a teacher or a nurse. Do you like to lead and trail blaze? Maybe you were born
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What Are Personal Attributes?
Personal attributes are often the subject of college admission essays, job interviews, psychological assessments and most anything where the personality of an individual is a subject of curiosity. Attributes can be positive or negative, constant or... More »
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Personal attributes are individual qualities of a person or the psychological and physical characteristics of an individual. They are the basic things that are looked at when the character of an individual is being defined.
Personal attributes are personal characteristics of an individual. They are what makes up one's personality and they help a person get along in a new situation. Examples of attributes that employer's value include: dependability, patience, honesty, assertiveness, flexibility, problem solving, among others.
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Having positive personal attributes is a good way to land a great job. Attributes employers look for includes honesty, responsibility, maturity, intelligence and ...
The idiom "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" can not be directly attributed to any particular person or group. Although it is believed to be ...
An attribute of a professional character is a quality that a person possesses, such as funny personality, Commitment or a kind heart. Professional attributes are ...
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