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AVC's (Additional Voluntary Contributions) are a way of increasing a your pension fund i.e. if you already have a company pension scheme. Company pension schemes are usually made up of an amount from your employer together with your own contributions. AVC's are additional top-up payments made from your salary, enabling you to receive a larger pension when you retire.
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AVC (sulfanilamide topical)
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AVC is an abbreviation of Advanced Video Coding which means video compression standard. It is also an abbreviation of Additional Voluntary Contribution, Automatic Volume Control and American Veterans Committee.
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1. Insert the DVD-R into your disc drive. Wait for it to be recognized and the "Auto Play" box to open. Click the "Burn a DVD video disc using Windows DVD Maker"
abbr. American Veterans Committee automatic volume control
An AVC DVD disc is a DVD in AVCHD format. (AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition, a type of format for recording and playing high-definition video. AVCHD discs can
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A Free Standing AVC is an occupational pension scheme that offers employees greater portability if they change jobs and more supple investment options for their ...
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